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A writer, teacher, and consultant, Chris Largent taught the history of philosophy and comparative religion for forty years, which led to his fascination with history and his love of historical research.

He also taught seminars on writing, publishing, Shakespeare, poetry, and the Arthurian Cycle. In fact, after teaching a class in England, he was taken to Normandy in 1987, where he saw the Bayeux Tapestry, which inspired his 11th-Century novel, Tapestry.

A professional editor, he has also run two micro-presses and served as a marketing manager for a third, while also doing peer reviewing for university presses and publishing houses oriented to metaphysics and philosophy.

He began writing both fiction and nonfiction when he was very young and at age 15 received a Columbia Journalism Award for his editorials. To develop a sense of great literature, he studied writers ranging from Shelley, Dickens, and Poe to P. G. Wodehouse and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

In addition to his early poems being published in various journals, Chris (with co-author Denise Breton) wrote three nonfiction books during the 1990s, which garnered extensive praise (see the note at the bottom of this page) and led to Chris giving talks all around the country.

For his historical novels, "human beings doing extraordinary things when they don't think they are" is what inspires Chris. He enjoys developing real characters with real human motivations, which, as he notes, "even have a sense of humor, something too often missing in the overly serious historical fiction of today."

When you read Tapestry, his first historical novel — he is working on his second, set in ancient Greece — Chris wants you to have fun. The book has adventure, world travel, mystery, romance, and diplomacy, while providing engaging and likeable characters.

Note: Chris' three nonfiction works received praise from:

The Dalai Lama • Dr. Stephen Covey • Marianne Williamson • Willis Harman • Ravi Batra • Barbara Brennan • Russell Means • Eric Garland • Vine Deloria Jr. • Yevgeny Yevtushenko